physic joint - strange bahaviour


I’m playing around with physic simulation an found some behaviors i couldn’t understand?

  1. Damping with “Damping = 0” ?
  • As you can see, the magnitude is getting smaller and smaller until it stops moving. Why? With zero friction and zero damping it should oscillate endless.
  1. Physics Simulation stops unpredicted?
  • Simulation stops at 17 sec with pendulum at 88° - shouldn’t that be 90°?
  1. PhysicsJoint XYZ Translation #Locked but i can drag the pendulum when simulation is running. Why?

  2. “Reset Simulation”-Button doesn’t reset and render instantly, you need to click into the scene with mouse?


Version: v4.0.2.0 (64-bit)
OS Name : Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
System Type : 64 Bit Operating System


thanks for your help

physics_test.avi (6.32 MB)

physics-test.vcmx (700 KB)

  1. “Twist Damping” without effect

Hi AarePikaro,

thanks for clarification and the workaround.

  1. behavior is much better (by the way: decimal of angular damping seems to be limited to 0.001 - below it jumps to 0)

  2. Always and constantly! try my layout in first post, please see video attached

  3. OK. Remember, when i tried it 1 month ago with 4.0.1 the behavior was different? Looking forward to next release

Best Regards

ScreenCapture_06.01.2017-10.18.26.wmv (1.13 MB)

Wow, this is cool. First time to know NG can do this.

It looks like MSC ADAMS. Awesome! It can do a lot of stuff.

Thanks for sharing.


Solution 4) there are two 4.0.2 version flying around (File/Info/Version)

there are two 4.0.2 versions flying around :

  • pre-Christmas (

  • post-Christmas ( Problem fixed

just reinstall with fresh downloaded installer and check version in VC (File/Info/Version)