Pattern Feeder

The pattern feeder does not contain a limit parameter like the basic feeder does. I have the plastic box containing a pattern of simple_item object, but for my simulation I only want the feeder to produce the plastic box only 8 times, but there appears no way to limit. Is there a way to apply a limit counter to the pattern feeder object?


Yes, that feature is missing from the components. If You are Professional/Premium user, You can slightly edit the python code:

Line 15: while True: -> Replace it with e.g.: for i in range(2):

(This runs the intended code only twice).

I quickly modified the component by adding “Count” property (Attachment).


Hope this helps.

PatternFeederEdited.vcmx (28.4 KB)

Unfortunately I am only using Essentials.

I did find a work-around. I used a works process to create the totes I wanted and that allows you to set runtasktimes parameter to what you want, so I can get it to create the exact number of totes.

Good You found a solution. Please note that attachment in my previous post includes already edited PatternFeeder, so no modelling tab needed.