PathAxis problem


I’m afraid that a core problem of ComponentPathSensor and accumulation with SpaceUtilization isn’t fixed in NG. If you have different parts on a OneWayPath and some of them have a rotational offset (90°), the triggering on leading edge with a ComponentPathSensor doesn’t work correctly. You can only fix it for one direction (XAxis, YAxis,…). Normally I would expect that the triggering works in both cases when using PathAxis Automatic. The same problem appears when the parts accumulate. There will be gaps between the accumulated parts.

A part on a OneWayPath has the information MovementOrigin and it should be possible to use it for a compansation.

Enclosed you will find an example layout with the problem. The sensor uses the wrong direction and stops the part to early.

PathAxisProblem.vcmx (271 KB)

pathaxisproblem0001.avi (275 KB)



Did you ever manage to solve this problem? It seems we have exactly the same problem, and I posted about it today. :slight_smile: