Path statement

To know how to use a Path statement, go to Help File > Tasks > Robots > Teaching a path of positions.

Note: Atm available in VC Robotics and VC Premium.

I made a circular test path with this statement, but it stops at each position, how can I make a constant speed transition between each point?

Also is it possible to change the parameters (speed, offsets, etc) of the path without removing it and create a new one?


Path_Statement_programming.avi (2.09 MB)

For speed:

  1. Right-click a Path statement, and then click Select All.
  2. In the Position Properties panel, set the MaxSpeed, Acceleration, Deceleration, etc.
For constant speed:
  • Try using the IsContinuous property of a path position, for example to make the robot round corners. Otherwise, use the AccuracyMethod and AccuracyValue properties of path positions.

Ok, the trick was to “select all”, then setting the speed/acceleration worked fine

For constant speed I could not find the IsContinuous property and I could not see any difference by changing the AccuracyMethod and AccuracyValue. However setting Acceleration, Deceleration to 0 I saw a difference. I missed a setting for Angle Acceleration.