Path on face

Here is an add-on for creating robot process paths on surfaces. Add-on requires access to topology so Premium level product is needed.

Add-on has a bunch of parameters that affect the path generation. Check out attached pdf for details. Easiest way to see parameters’ effect is to try them out. There is a preview of the path that is updated whenever parameters are changed. So launch the add-on, select a surface, tune the parameters and generate the path or hit cancel to delete preview path.

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PathOnFace.pdf (1 MB)


It seems interesting, could you please let me know if there is any tutorial available regarding this? your help would be highly appreciated.


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There is no tutorial for this unfortunately. But here’s a bullet point process for using the add-on:

  • Unzip the add-on under My Commands folder.
  • Launch VC and some robot cell.
  • Select the robot, go to program tab.
  • Click "Path On Face" button on program panel.
  • Click "Select Surface" button and click some surface on the 3D scene. Preview of the path should be displayed.
  • Tune the parameters. Hitting Enter after changing some value should update the preview path. There's a frame at the start of the path that displays the tool frame orientation.
  • Click Generate to create a path.