Parts in Base Frame


I made a Base Frame that is attached to the pallet. Now I want to place my part in the pallet with position [250.250,0] in Base Frame. I wonder how to do that? Any suggestions?

Hi SeTr,

Since you are utilizing vcHelpers.Robot2 library, You could test the following:

m = pallet.WorldPositionMatrix

In this approach you do not need vcHelpers.Robot2 anymore:

If you want to do it in your way, like setting up a robot base and utilizing that, you need to take the “long road”, meaning setting it up with motion targets.

In the help, check out vcRobotController → createTarget,
where the target is a vcMotionTarget. In this object you can setup everything exactly as you want.

When you have your motion target you can use it in the controller → vcRobotController.moveTo(myMotionTarget)