Part Disappearing when dropped or not attaching to conveyor

I have a quick question for visual components. I attached my simple layout it has a few robots moving a part. At the end there is a conveyor. My issue is the part is not attaching to the conveyor. I want the robot to drop the part onto the conveyor where the part will move on, either to a sink or to another process.


I still don’t understand how component containers interact with each other fully however my guess is that the issue is with the containers somehow.

I have tried disabling ReleaseToworld in the robot signal action menu but then the part just disappears when it is dropped.

I have tried drop to physics but then the part just falls through the conveyor.

I would like to find a solution through either just the settings or python scripting as I do not want to implement this through Process modeling or works.

please see attached file:
DropToConveyorTest.vcmx (3.3 MB)


Disable “Release to world” and also remove/move the hidden tyre on top of conveyor. If that tyre is there then release action identifies it as the new parent for dropped tyre and it disappears.


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OMG this is hilarious I can’t believe it was that simple. I had already tried disabling the release to world but it made no sense to me why it was disappearing. I had forgotten about that tire and did not realize it would grab the instance of the tire and turn it invisible. I spent all day yesterday trying to make sense of how containers worked because this wasn’t making any sense to me . Thank you so much for the quick response.

No problem. I can say you’re not the first one to run into this problem. Hidden components can be treacherous.