Parallel Crossing Conveyor bug

Hi everyone !

Long time no talk. I’m coming yet again to ask for your help.
I’m trying to model a line where a series of crossing conveyors are feeding individual conveyor lines based on a capacity rule.

Layout :

The conveyors have a capacity of 1; no accumulation. I’m stopping the parts on the conveyors with a process point component for a certain ammount of time.

Everything works fine, up untill the moment where the input line is saturated and the last conveyor transfers the part to the output line. Check the video :

Components are disappearing and reappearing randomly, paths are completely wrecked.

I tried to play with the pathAxis and retainOffset properties, but nothing seems to fix the issue.

My best guess would be some buggy logic in the crossing conveyor for this particular use case, but at this point I have no idea.

I’m attaching the layout to the post, using VC 4.3 Pro.
Parallel Crossing Conveyors .vcmx (292.5 KB)

Thank you !