Palletizing on a Crossing Conveyor

Hi. I’m struggling to palletize on top of a crossing conveyor. I can’t connect a process node to a crossing conveyor, can anyone help me here? Thank you

As I’m an outcome oriented guy the means are secondary, and therefore the attached hack could be a minimalistic way to palletize on a crossing conveyor. Attach a process to the crossing and make the process send the Component in the Middle Signal after the palletizing is done.

Crossing hack.vcmx (1.9 MB)


That is really useful, nice hack, thanks for your time.

Varså god! There’s another version of it.

Crossing hack - 2.vcmx (1.9 MB)


Awesome, thank you a lot!


Thanks for the hacky way!

It would be great if VC would provide a crossingConveyor with an included transportNode (like the InlineProcess) as a clean solution! :slight_smile:


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