Palletizing assembly with robot

Hey VC community,

I’d like to realize that part palletizing, I realized an assembly firt, put my layout in form,

Then created a flow by adding a getassembly statement into my process node.

But it is not following the palletizing process…
May I forgot something?

Any idea ?

attached my layout.
Sipalex.vcmx (496.0 KB)


Someone ?
Anybody see something wrong?

The Transport In statement Mode needs to be set to Process an Assembly when you want to build an assembly. image

There are instructions in the Academy that explain how to use assemblies, such as this tutorial: Assembly in processes | Visual Components Academy

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Hello @Este

Thank you for you help. :slightly_smiling_face:
I changed it as described, it still not processing the assembly…

Waiting your reply, I’ll read this manual more further .
Thank you for that document.


It should work as you see in the first screenshot I added.

Allright it works.
Thank you for your help @Este !

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