Palletising Steps

Hi, I am trying to execute a palletising flow with GetAssembly.

The flow will be as such:

  1. Mobile Robot will pick up Pallet which has been set as Pallet2 of Assembly
  2. Mobile Robot will drop off pallet passive pallet station 2, near robotic Arm (only refill it when the assembly has been completed)
  3. Robotic Arm to pick from conveyor and palletize onto pallet station 2

However, i do not seems to get the flow right. The mobile robot continue picking the pallets and the carton boxes is being palletise only when the mobile robot brings over the pallet.

Appreciate for any advise.

Maybe your assembly has AcceptAllProductTypes? This should be disabled, and you should only accept specific product types to your assembly steps. The DefaultProductType is only for visualization, and you almost always need to disable to AcceptAllProductTypes to ensure that the flow is ok.

I tried unchecking AcceptAllProductTypes in the assembly editor.

This stops the mobile robot from collecting the pallet after dropping off. However, it does not seems to be assemblying per the part. Can you further advise.



I managed to figured out through the youtube video Assembly in process modelling flow - YouTube.