Paletizing over a Conveyour Straight

Dear colleagues,

I´m trying to palletize several items in a conveyour straight , but then only one element moves and the other stays still. How can I move all the elements at the same time?.


I´m attaching my project.

Thanks in advanced!

KSP_019.vcmx (168 KB)


Can you try saving the layout including the boolean “Save Components”? A lot of geometry is missing and I can’t see anything moving.

Can you explain how you grab the part(s)?



Dear JobW,

Thanks four your answer, i´m attaching the file hopefully with all the components. The way i´m taking all the parts are without any gripper because i just wanted to try to do this for another project.

Let me know if you still cannot see all the components.

Thanks in advanced.

KSP_019_Components.vcmx (1.88 MB)

Oke the geometry is now imported.

However, I can’t get your simulation up and running.

I’m not good with robotics so I’ll hope that someone can help you with this issue!



Layout seems to work otherwise, but automatic release detection to a conveyor from robot / gripper does not detect the conveyor for some reason.

If You move point P6 100mm “backwards” (towards the start of the conveyor), layout works. Meanwhile I try to solve why conveyor was not detected from the original teach position.

JobW, layout was done with KukaSim. =)