Painting using KUKASimPro


I’m trying to do some painting on KukaSimPro, but unfortunately I don’t have a deposit on my part.
My steps:

  • I add a robot in my cell and a part to process
  • Then I add the paintgun
  • I attach the paintgun to the robot and connect the signals (“out 50” from the robot —> Insignal from the gun)
  • I build my program with my trajectory on the part
  • In my program I make sure to pass the Out 50 State = TRUE
  • Start the simulation

Can you help me and tell me what I am doing wrong.
I have read once that you have to PREPARE the part to be processed but how do you do that.


I guess you are referring to the “Prepare components for painting” tool.
You can find it under the “Paint” tab.

As the gif below can confirm IT WORKS!
Thanks for your help.