Own Library of parametric components

I am working on creating my own library in Kuka Sim Pro 3.0.4. So, I have been creating 3D models in solidworks and then importing the geometry in Sim Pro. Now, I would like to make these models parametric and hence make the features editable.
For example, to design a simple parametric cuboid such that properties like height, length and width can be edited. How to use PythonFeature to script the cuboid dimensions?

You don’t need to use Python feature for such simple (or even more complex) stuff. Many of the feature tree elements accept expressions that can read values from component properties directly.

Thank you for replying.
Actually, I managed to design a torisphere using primitive geometry features. Now, I want to make this geometry parametric such that on adding 3 parameters (Disc Radius, Straight Flange radius and thickness) the component is modelled.

Please find the image of torisphere.

You will need to come up with equations for each of the primitive feature parameters such that they use some component properties as variables. Then when you change the component property values your geometry will adjust accordingly.

This tutorial explains how the parametric component modeling works in general.