Output the OEE in a generic equipement

Hello All!!

I’m trying to model a generic equipment (for now the geometry will be a “flat” square) to simulate the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) giving as input the machine process cycle time (according with product specifications), warmup time, setup time, planned and unplanned stops/breaks time (just to give some examples) and being able to trigger the events during the simulation: production sequence (first product A with 10 minutes of cycle time, second product B with 15 minutes of cycle time, …) and all the kind of stops events that may occur during a production day.

I’m thinking to use the statistics default states (Warmup, Setup, Repair, Break, …) and system states to calculate the OEE but I don’t know the best way to do it.

If possible I would like to avoid any python code.

Thanks in advanced


Rui Costa

Product: Visual Components Premium 4.1


Without coding You are a bit limited in options. You can link Statistics behaviour (with default statistics) to other behaviours (like conveyor behaviour) and then some basic statistics are gathered automatically (Idle, Busy) but If you want to include stops / breaks, product specific time etc. python is needed.

ProcessPoint Conveyor in eCat (Visual Components / Conveyors) has good example script how to create statistics state changes with python.

Hope this helps.

Thanks eCatTroll!!

I will follow your advise and take a look on the script!