Ordering Tasks executing by a robot + Double Grippers application

Hello everyone,

I have been working on a project in which I want to order my tasks as the picture below shows.

  • Between 1 and 2, the product switching is making by a double gripper

Double Transportation concept : Robot loads the first product from source to destination with its first

hand and before unloading at destination, Robot uses its second hand to load the second product and

then unload the first product to destination. Finally, the second product is transported to its next


  • And also Between 2 and 3


  • How can I order the tasks like I want
  • How can I make this concept of multiple transporting

Thanks in advance

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Can anyone help me with this problem?


maybe PM Dual Gripper Machine Tending layout template can help:

note: instructions as text on the floor

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Thank you @anhu ! I got some exciting results. But after 6 minutes, the robot doesn’t work. Any idea ?

Result 1 :

Result 2 :

Result 3 : The robot doesn’t work anymore !

messages in the output panel?

Maybe no match with transport in and transport out parts to get the next task for the robot

Nothing special in the output tab, but I’ve noticed that the green dot in the robot program tab moves

between VC HelperLinearmoves and VC HelperjointMove sequences, when the robot is active and

disappear when it isn’t active.

No error message is the most scary situation :joy: It would be easier to have sample layout to check. :laughing: