Optimal graphic board for visual components

.I will ask you basic questions. In the specification requirements of Visual Component 4.1, GTX 970 or more is written as recommended specifications.

I would like to select a graphic board, which of GeForce and Quadro is suitable for visual components?

Currently I use a PC equipped with QuadroK4200.

I would like to know whether GeForce is also a good choice.

Thank you.


QuadroK4200 should be enough speed wise if You are willing to drop down CAD model accuracy and shading is biggest layouts.

If You are updating Your graphics card anyway, choice is Yours. If You run also 3D CAD softwares and/or do professional video editing, go for Quadro (and also if money is not an issue =)

Otherwise GeForce is more that enough. E.g. 1060 6GB is good Value / Speed option now.

Key is to have dedicated graphics card and fast enough processor to serve both simulation and graphics card.


In short:

Geforce: Gaming / 3D Apps, all around computing, multi monitor support)

Quadro: Certain Scientific and data calculations, CAD rendering, Professional-grade video production


Hope this helps

Thank you for answering. eCatTroll.

I’m working on placing already existing CAD data on Visualcomponents and simulating the robot. It is almost a simulation of a small line, but in this case, is GTX 1060 enough?
On the contrary, what kind of case would you use Quadro’s computing power with Visualcomponents?

Only thing that consumes “graphics card power” is displaying 3D environment and working in that environment (GUI in 3D window). If You use a lot of non-optimized CAD data in 3D environment, then faster is better (with “a lot” I mean dozens of CAD models, parts, grippers etc. that all are not decimated / optimized)

But if You can optimize the CAD models before importing those to VC (like remove unnecessary holes, insides of machines, small geometries like bolts, pins etc.), then practically any Graphics card is ok.

But in Your case, I think that any current dedicated graphics card will do the trick.