Open model on non-licensed VC


I am relatively new in VC, so I haven’t explored all the tools yet. I would like to know if there is any way for a third-party (a company) to work real-time on a VC model on a non-licensed VC product through OPC. is it necessary for both to have Premium licences? and if not, does anyone know if VC is planning to add this tool in the future?

Thanks in advance for your time and responses.

The software can’t be used at all without a valid license. Like most desktop software, multi-user collaboration and remote use are not supported either, so only a single user can edit a simulation model at a time. Note that running VC in a virtual machine and using it remotely is also prohibited by the EULA.

If you only need specific and limited interactions with a running simulation, that can be achieved with simulation scripts and the Connectivity feature.

Thanks, TSy for your response.

I do not want to use VC illegally in another device. Probably I did not make myself clear. What I would like is to a company to be able to open a terminated model through OPC server without the need of a premium or other paid license like other software where there is an execution free licence where you can open and visualize a model but with limited features. This with the purpose of showing the results to the company or to visualize the progress of the project. Thanks.

The OPC UA connectivity in VC isn’t intended for such things, mostly just for exchanging I/O with external controllers.

Please take a look at the free Visual Components Experience product, which allows anybody to view 3D recordings of simulations using PC, VR headset, or mobile device. Maybe this is more like what you want?

There have also been demos of VC Experience showing a live stream of a simulation running in VC Professional with some interactivity but such features are not currently publicly available.