OPCUA in KUKA Simpro

Is there anyone who use OPCUA with python in KUKA Simpro? I found the the 2.7 version of python embeded in Simpro 3.1 cound not support to install OPCUA free module (GitHub - FreeOpcUa/python-opcua: LGPL Pure Python OPC-UA Client and Server). How can I deal with this issue? Do you have any suggestion or process to handle it? THANKS.

I can only recommend KUKA.Sim 4 with the Connectivity Add-On. It works like a charm to connect with OPCUA.
KUKA actually released a tutorial for that: https://youtu.be/IjY9V3wQmFU?list=PLcmh-lxe_PW5-TUQl0XQqkqzyMn2o6uq8