OPC UA connection with CODESYS

I am using Visual Components Premium 4.4
I was trying to establish a connection in between VC’s OPC UA and CODESYS. I was following this video : Connect a Remote OPC UA Server - YouTube
But the connection initiation is giving error like the picture given below:

Discovery server: opc.tcp://localhost:4840
Server address: opc.tcp://
My IPv4 address:

Anyone help me out with that ? What could be the possible reason for that ?

Thanks in Advance.

Maybe your OPC UA server is configured to require user authentication like username and password, but you haven’t selected that in the connection settings.

every time I start the plc project this user name and password is required. Did you mean this one also need to be in the connection setting of Visual component ?

I don’t know, you’ll need to read codesys documentation to figure out how user access and credentials are configured.

Solved: disabling user authentication established the connection properly!

Can you explain me how you did to solve the problem because I am having the same problem?

If you are trying to establish the connection without user authentication through OPC plug-in then you have to disable the login authentication in Codesys as well, to do that: try the instruction there Codesys#Disable the User Password |

When I want to change the communication policy for desactivate the login authentication I have this error message.


However my gateway is configured with the localhost like the tutorial Connect a Remote OPC UA Server.