OPC UA connection problems with Bosch Rexroth CtrlX


I get OPC UA connection between VC and virtual CtrlX controller. Folder structure seems right but I can’t see the variables and needed folders doesn’t open. I also tried connection with OPC Expert and there I can open every folder and see the variables. Could it be some compatibility problem?

Hey @AnttoniT

Did you check that the connection is ok?
Make sure that VC is connected to the server. You can see if the connection is OK if there is a small green dot next to the server in the connectivity configuration menu.

Once that is ok, select add variables to the server to simulation group, and then right-click on the server side and select Reload Server Structure.

It would also be nice to know what data types you are trying to access?

Yes, connection seems ok. I’m trying to get under that motion folder.

Here you can see the structure in CtrlX side.

For example that actual position is double.

Could be that there is a limitation in the current version, and the VC client cannot access the axis structure.
Would it be possible to try accessing variables that are not in such structure?

For example, adding a test real type variable directly under one of the top-level folders.

I’m using Visual Components Premium. I made some example variables to GVL under PLC folder. Types real, int, bool but I can’t see any of them in VC side. I think it’s not possible to add variables directly under top-level folders.

There is a known regression bug in OPC UA browsing with maybe VC versions 4.5 and 4.6 if I recall, where some types of variables in a folder break the browsing and no variables are shown for that folder or sub-folders.

If the variables are visible in another OPC UA client like UAExpert, it is possible to work around this issue but it is tedious.

  1. Pair the simulation variables you need to something visible on the PLC side.
  2. Export Connectivity configuration XML (buttons in the ribbon).
  3. Use UAExpert to find the correct variables’ node ids and edit them into the xml file.
  4. Import the modified Connectivity configuration to VC.

It works with those instructions. Thank you! Is it known when that regression bug will be fixed or is it under work?

The fix should come in the next version. I’m not sure when it’s released, though.
Fingers crossed.