Dear all,

would it be possible to configure a connection with an OPC DA?

right now i’m using kepware to connect a Rockweel PLC but will be more usefull use OPC DA with RSLINX functionality

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It’s not possible to connect to OPC DA , but of course the new industry standard OPC UA. It has been successfully tested with Siemens, Omron, Beckhoff and some other PLC’s. I don’t know about Allen Bradley PLC but there shouldn’t be any issue to connect it via the OPC UA connectivity of VC 4.0.

VC 4.0 OPC UA connectivity feature < – KEPServerEX 6–> Allen Bradley PLC.

I haven’t used RXLinx but ask the Rockwell guys if there is way to connect it to KepServer, then convert the data into OPC UA format via KepServer , once you can do it then your next task to connect KepServer to VC 4.0 should be easy.



I’m commenting here in case someone comes up with a more elegant solution.
I managed to get OPC DA but it is such a hassle connecting all the signals through another third party server like KEPServerEX 6.
Would be great if functionality is added for DA. Allan Bradley simulator still uses DA unfortunately and we mostly work with allenbradley :sigh: I don’t understand why they havent adobpter UA

Doesn’t Studio 5000 Logix Emulate work with FactoryTalk Linx, which supports OPC UA?
Maybe its only in newest versions.

last time I tried to get it to work I believe it does use UA if you are using a real physical PCL but if you are using the emulator it only uses DA. Haven’t checked in a while. will see if not might end up just hooking a real PLC.

hello Vc how to connect kuka_officelite I have used kukasimpro connection