Dear all,

would it be possible to configure a connection with an OPC DA?

right now i’m using kepware to connect a Rockweel PLC but will be more usefull use OPC DA with RSLINX functionality


It’s not possible to connect to OPC DA , but of course the new industry standard OPC UA. It has been successfully tested with Siemens, Omron, Beckhoff and some other PLC’s. I don’t know about Allen Bradley PLC but there shouldn’t be any issue to connect it via the OPC UA connectivity of VC 4.0.

VC 4.0 OPC UA connectivity feature < – KEPServerEX 6–> Allen Bradley PLC.

I haven’t used RXLinx but ask the Rockwell guys if there is way to connect it to KepServer, then convert the data into OPC UA format via KepServer , once you can do it then your next task to connect KepServer to VC 4.0 should be easy.