One human, two assembly stations

I have 2 identical assembly processes whare a human assembles parts on a bench. I started with a single bench so one human, one assembly. Now I want 2 assembly benches and I want the human to alternate between the two. However, the human only ever goes to the first assembly bench, I cannot get him to go to the second one.

I’ve looked at another project where the human goes between 4 benches, and I’ve added SendSignal, HumanReserve and SendSignal Human Release as per the other file (when a robot takes over) but it makes no difference.

Struggling to find anything online or in the Academy that assists with one human, mulitple operations.

I’ve spent 2 days now trying to resolve this and getting nowhere!

Any assistance appreciated.

It looks like this would be something that you could ask from the VC technical support at