OnDemandLoad for Frame(s)

Hello everyone,

how can I implement “OnDemandLoad” for Frames? I wanted to make my Object in three different Lenghts ( the cross section of the object ist variable) and to meke it possible to adjust the Frame with the Length. What is the common way to do that? Thank you all in advance!


Hi Lidija,

Could you elaborate a bit further on what you mean? OnDemandLoad seems to exist only for geometry containers, but you can hide the frames with switch-feature and also hard-set their position with it. If you want to be parametric, I would recommend to put frames inside a transform feature and set an expression with a variable:

To use the switch feature, check this video:


hi Lefa, thank you for your Tip! now it works with frame, but now I have problem with adjusting the length of geometry. Namely, with a “variable” function, the geometry of my object deforms. How can I vary the length of a object which cross section varies? see the picture of object below. The blue Part should vary in his length!TNX


The transform feature also supports scaling, so if you want to double its size by a magnitude of 2 within the X axis, you can write Sx(2) inside the transform node (in your case transform0). The idea is same with the frame movement, as you could also put in a variable inside the scale function: