Omni- Directional conveyor

Hi All,
I am trying to simulate omni directional conveyor which will create pattern at output of conveyor.
If omni directional component is available in updated e-catalog, it will accelerate the process.

Hi @VishalRG

In the VC 4.3 eCatalog there is a demo layout ‘Phys diverter test’. It has a similar conveyor system. I don’t think that the component is anywhere else except in this example layout.

Hello Este,
Thank you for quick response !
Actually I am working on VC 4.0 version, so need to upgrade the license file it may take time.
If possible will you share that layout file, It will be very helpful.


Hi @Este ,
Thanks you for giving reference of This layout.
I have got the Phys diverter test layout and trying to test the functionality.
finding difficulties to interface with other component.
If any one has worked on this component.
Please suggest the guidelines.

Thanks & regards,