Offline Programming with Stäubli Robots

The files for the tutorial are attached. The tutorial is available on YouTube and will soon be added to the Academy.

About the files:

  • The video tutorial uses the layout marked as "Main Routine"
  • The other layout marked as "While Loop" is an example and helpful guide in case you have issues with post-processing while loops and subroutines as well as signals.
About the signals and delay statements
  • In some cases, the In and Wait arguments might overlap or you need to directly set the value of a port to update the controller.
  • In the "Main Routine" layout, you will notice Delays used to account for latency in reading and writing the signal values.
    • So if you make your own solution and notice that the robot either does not wait before doing something or is stuck waiting, check if you need to directly set the value of an IO to fix the issue as well as use a short delay.
  • You will also see in both "Main Routine" and "While Loop" layouts where a port is set to True and then set to False. This relates to the signals in components.
    • So if you make a solution and notice that perhaps parts are not stopping or a process does not run because an IO value is wrong, you may need to take action and directly set the value of signal using the robot. (2.3 MB)