Offline Programming - Tool Management

Hi guys,
I have a simulation program on KUKA.SIM PRO 3.1 which is a spot welding application with a KR210 R3100-2 robot.
It’s my first time with welding application. I’m here on the field to commision the robot and I believe that I need a better tool values.
So It will be my first time to take the tool values right from the simulation.
My question is what are the steps to get the right tool values from the simulation and put to the robot on the field.
Thanks in advence…

Hi Yigit,
As KUKA.Sim Pro 3.1 is no longer supported, I can only try to help you with KUKA.Sim 4.X. If you are referring to the load data in KUKA.Sim eg
please enter the values from your CAD program.
In KUKA.Sim 4.X the RCS System will take into account the mass, center of gravity and inertia and adapt the speed of the robot and thus the cycle times. (This will not be the case for KUKA.Sim 3)
If you use the “Calculate Mass Center and Inertia” button, it will use the information from inside KUKA.Sim, so it will be very dependent on the materials and the level of detail that you used in Modeling. I always strongly recommend not to use the button, as the calculated values are mostly wrong.

Please re-calculate and validate the load data before transferring the information onto a real robot (whether it comes from the CAD program or KUKA.Sim)! And use KUKA.Load to validate your setup!