Objects not attach

Good afternoon,

I am trying to use an index table with my own product, but once I put the first product over the index table and I attach it to the node it moves correctly but the following ones do not get attached.

How can I solve it?

Attach your layout. I tested the 4.0.1 layout that comes with the tutorial and it works fine in 4.1. I also replaced the index table with the current one from eCat and it works as well.

At this point I would be guessing what’s wrong.

I attach here my layout and the products that I am using in it. What worries me is that the products are done by myself, so I don’t know if the layout is going to work properly when you will open it. I will also attach in another message a record of my screen for making it more explicit. Thank you so much for your time

Carrier.vcmx (96.4 KB)

Cell.vcmx (36 KB)

Layout.vcmx (415 KB)

Video with my problem

Layout.vcmx-Visual-Components-Premium-4.0-25_04_2018-22_10_09.mp4 (5.49 MB)

Good morning. Is there any solution for my problem? Thank you so much

First issue is to remap your signals. There was a change made to ActionScript of robot, so now you should use signals 100 onward in robot for new connections. For example, in your layout you are using port 52, so change that to say 102 to avoid tracing base frames (orange lines in your layout).

Without changing too much, set the GravityDirection of Signal Action 1 to 230.

GravityDirection of robot signal action 1

Why? The Vertical Stacker is attaching parts in the stack in which the top part of stack is parent/root of entire stack. So when the robot places the stack, it assumes the parent is the part at very bottom. As a result, the gravity direction of 1mm would not work because no container/component would be detected for top of stack. Hence, the entire stack is released to 3D world and not attached to table. Therefore, using a greater gravity direction is necessary for the stack parent to collide or detect container/component to attach itself to in 3D world.