Not able to attach the process node on a mobile robot

How can i attach a process node to a mobile robot ?
Whenever i bring the node near the mobile robot the green snapping arrow which appears before it gets snapped on to the component does not appear in this case.

Mobile robots don’t have the material flow interface that those components connect to.
You might find that having a moving process node like that is not very well supported, but you can attach the component using the Attach command found from the Home tab ribbon.

Hi, you can not attach a Node to a Mobile robot, before you don’t create a One-To-One Interface to plug the Node on the Mobile Robot. Under Modelling you can create a One-To-One Interface on a Frame you can place on the Mobile Robot. Otherwise you can create a own Process with Processexecutor and Transportknot.

Thankyou @TSy, that helped.