Node Process Product Flow Broken

Hello all,

I’m still fairly new to Visual Components, more specifically Process Modeling, and understand that this is likely a fairly simple problem but been difficult to figure out how to fix it.

I’m trying to create a machine using the Process Node system to mimic the movement and add the geometry later. The machine accumulates multiple products at 3 conveyor heights and 4 products accumulate/wait at each height in a row. To do this, I’ve used 4 different Process Nodes, with each having frames set at the appropriate heights, so that each Frame can contain up to 3 products. I’m trying to keep this as brutally efficient as possible and trying to keep the frame count to a minimum, as this component is going to scale up quite a bit.

My specific issue is that the product seems to lose it’s spot in the product flow and has weird interaction that I can’t get to work correctly. They go back in the flow of products, go back forward and then stop entirely.

I just need help identifying what I am doing incorrectly.

In addition, is it possible to have a process node transport in more than 1 component at a time


You are most likely looking for assemblies, here is an example layout but before even opening it up, I would recommend you to hit the Academy first and then check the layout.

asm_example.vcmx (1.5 MB)

This post also explains something about the assemblies:

If the simulation gets “stuck” please detach and the reattach the build node


I’ve looked into assemblies and have been going through the academy, and it looks eerily similar to what I want, however there is only 1 missing piece I need to solve before I attempt doing the entire thing with assemblies.

What I am essentially creating is an oven that each tray bringing product in (at 3 different heights) moves in, with prior product pushing the first product further down, then when all 3 heights are filled, it “closes” and then bakes whatever is inside.

I believe assemblies allows for components to change while inside the assembly, but I’m not sure how to mimic the movement. If you have an idea that would be super helpful!

Regardless, thank you for the help so far! I can clearly see how I can handle the majority of my issues with this approach!