New AGV features


Some small updates to AGV components in 4.0 eCat:

-Pick and place locations now have parameters for Loading- and Unloading time


-Pick locations have now parameter “Select AGV”.

->SelectAGV is used only when LocalCall is used (Pick Locations select and reserve AGVs by themselves).

->If AGV’s AgvID -property matches Pick Location’s AGV_ID -property, then AGV is selected with “SelectAGV” -method.

->ByID selects first AGV with correct AgvID
->ByBusy selects first free AGV with correct AgvID
->ByUtilization selects least utilized AGV with correct AgvID
->ByDistance selects closest free AGV with correct AgvID


-AGV will now orientate itself to resource frame

-Controller updated to reflect changes

-Beta flag removed


Also some clarification to “LoadMethod” and “UnloadMethod” properties in AGV Pick Location- and AGV Drop Location components:

->“Loader” uses mechanism (servo arms) in the component to load the part to the AGV

->“RunSequence” search through robots in the layout and if routine defined in “SequenceName” -property is found, that routine is executed.

->“PublishAndWaitSignals” triggers “PublishStart” and “PublishComp” signals (to any component they are manually connected to) and Location component waits for “PublishDone” signal before continuing that transfer / movements are done.