Net. Write a good DLL in VC inside how to reference it?

net. Write a good DLL in VC inside how to reference it?

I don’t fully understand the questions but I believe this tutorial about plugins in .NET should help you:

Basically there are some naming conventions your dll name needs in order for VC to load it.

Excuse me, do not need to call in the VC secondary development of good DLL library? Can you just name the constraint and get VC to load it?

Your English is pretty hard to understand, but I assume you want to use some existing dll (class library) in a VC plugin?

You can just add a reference to a managed .NET 4 dll from your VC .NET plugin project in Visual Studio like normal, or use native dlls through P/Invoke. If your dll is made with other means like .NET 6, it isn’t really possible to use that in a .NET 4 application.

I’m really sorry, my question is: the developed NET. plug-in does not respond when I open the VC. If I want to use the NET. plug-in, I don’t need to reference the NET. plug-in in VC?

OK, so you have some existing .NET plugin but after adding it to the VC installation folder you can’t see the plugin functionality in VC?

I can think of few different reasons:

  • You are using a derivative of VC which doesn’t allow use of .NET plugins.
  • The plugin was made for different version of VC and fails to load. The VC error log files might have some error message about it.
  • Access to the plugin dll is blocked by Windows or something else like antivirus software. Windows has a feature that downloaded files may need to be “unlocked” from the file properties UI before use.

Really sorry to bother you again. When I debug and run, I get this error:

System.IO.FileLoadException: “Failed to load file or assembly” Create3D.Shared, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bc53bc7503b77a" or one of its dependencies. The assembly manifest definition found does not match the assembly reference. (Exception from HRESULT:0x80131040)"

Is it a version issue with NET.?