Need Help with this project

HI, I would like to seek help in this layout.
I am trying to get the robot to pick any random boxes along the moving belt conveyor. Please see picture below for more information.

I used python language to program the conveyor, but I could not get the desired result.

I enclosed here the simulation.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Airport Loading.vcmx (1.2 MB)

I am not sure what exactly you want but you could use a sensor to detect components and let them be grabbed by a roboter using the module vcHelpers2.Robot2 to get a robot object and grab the component using the method pickMovingPart.

Connect the BoolenSignal of the sensor with the robot, get the component using ComponentSignal and grab it. You can also randomize it so that not every detected component gets grabbed.

Or if you want to script it in the conveyor you could just get the reference to the robot using the method findComponent of vcApplication and the rest the same as what I first said.

HI, Barismungan,

Thank you for your advice and the suggestions provided.
I will try the method you suggested and see if it works for my simulation.

Thank you.