Name of component used by Controller

Hi, how can we access to the name of component that is used by the Controller at VcTransportLink object? For example, if we have a link from conveyor to another process that uses the robot mobile controller for transport something using a Robot Mobile Resource that his name is “AGV_ONE” I want to know that information by VcTransportLink or another object class, but I don’t know how I could do that.

From vcTransportLink you can get the vcTransportController from the “Implementer” property. That controller could be one of the built-in ones or a vcPythonTransportController. A vcTransportController is a vcBehaviour from which you can get the owner component.

How each of the transport controllers are associated and communicate with their resource components is up to the particular implementation of the transport controller. So there is no universal way to know what resources some transport controller uses.

That said, the transport controllers in eCat use interface connections to associate the resources to the controllers. How the resources are used and e.g. allocated to do different transport tasks is again fully up to the controller implementation, in this case the Python scripts within.