Multiple resource locations for works processes

Hi guys,

I am trying to have 2 (or more) human resources work on the same works process to complete a Feed and NeedPattern task pair. At the moment, the only way to get 2 human resources to work on the same works process is to have them basically stand on top of each other, as there is only 1 resource location. (see image)


How can i define multiple resource locations for a works process so they can stand and work at different locations?

Also, it seems that for the start of the task both humans will work on it, but once they have both completed one pick & place, then only the human closest continues to work on the task. How can I have them both continue to work at the task?


Feed task as well as NeedPattern task have a Simultaneous property. Enable it.

  • For a Feed, any resource referencing its TaskName will come to the station to pick a part instead of humans going there one after the other.
  • For a NeedPattern, humans will pick the parts from anywhere and go there to drop-off the part regardless if someone is already there.
Make Humans stand in different places, use Labor Resource Location components. You have to be careful with that though. If multiple humans are doing the same exact task, then setting PlaceTasks property to reference the TaskName of the Feed would make every human go to that location when dropping off a part.


Hi Zesty, thanks for the feedback!

RE Simultaneous, I do have that enabled on both tasks - I think this is mostly working as intended, but sometimes after each resource has completed one part of the task it seems to then only have the closest resource continue - may be a bug? This is less of an issue for me though than multiple resource locations.

I have just found the Labor Resource Location components in the library, didn’t know that existed thanks! How do I use this component to have one resource use one location, and another resource use the other?



Hi there, I also recently just found out about labor resource component.

For Labor Resource Location component;

Add a Feed task in your work process component. Name the task (eg. PickResource)

Add the task name to the human under Tasklist: PickResource and
to the labor resource location component under PickTasks: PickResource

See if that helps.