Multiple buffers in same process

Is it possible to do multiple buffers to the same process? I would like to fill one buffer until some condition is met and then fill another. Now the process stays on the one buffer even if it is full.

Terve @Sakke

You can have multiple buffers in the same process, but only one can be active at a time. This means you would need to have some break condition that is used to end the buffer statements. With a break condition, the buffer still needs to fully empty until another statement is activated, so it is not ideal.

I think it would be better if you use multiple buffer components along with a property condition as in the image. Once the break condition for the first buffer is activated, the second buffer is activated immediately.

Note that you will likely need to add some extra properties to the components to control this.

I will manage with this, thank you @Este!

Hi!friend! I met the same case, could you please share the layout? I don’t think I set it right. I am using VC4.3premium.