Multiple AMRs Delivering Products in a Loop

I would like to use multiple AMRs traveling in a loop to deliver a product from a Feeder Process Node to a Sink Process Node as seen below:

When I run the simulation, the first AMR picks up a product at the Feeder Process Node and delivers it to the Sink Process Node, and then stops to the right of the Sink Process Node.

The second AMR does not pick up its product until the first AMR has delivered its product to the Feeder Process Node. The second AMR then travels to the Sink Process Node but it cannot deliver the product as the first AMR is in the way.

-How do you make the second AMR pick up a product immediately after the first AMR?*
-How do you make the first AMR loop around back to the Feeder Process Node as soon as it drops off its product so it does not block the second AMR at the Sink Process Node?

*I have tried using StartTransportIn>Remove Product>WaitTransport in the Sink Process Node and this somewhat worked. However I believe I need these 3x blocks for each AMR, correct? My long term goal is to test as many AMRs as possible (30+) so the approach above seems infeasible as this would lead to 90 blocks. Is there a better way to accomplish this?


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Hi Juhahai,

Thanks for the link.

I have not upgraded to 4.7 yet so cannot test Missions.

How do Missions handle multiple mobile resources? I.E. Can 1 Mission control 30+ mobile resources running the same mission? Or is it one mission per mobile resource?