Multi Select Tool Frames

Is it possible to multi select a number of tool frames so they can all be moved by the same offset? I have 25 tools that are all out of position by the same amount because of a design change. I could do them individually but would be time consuming.

I could not find a way to multi-select in GUI both in Modeling context and Teach context. For example, you cannot select all the frames in Tool Container in Component Graph panel nor do you have option in Tool Properties panel to select all. So one option is just to use a script to select the frames.

I quickly made this add-on for you

Put the files in your My Commands folder in your VC documents. The command is accessible in Program tab, Helpers group on the Ribbon.

It is not the prettiest add-on and there are limitations in Python API, so it would be good to have .NET API version. From your op, it seems like you might be working with components other than robots, e.g. vacuum grippers, so I execute it in action panel and you have the option to select component. The add-on selects all tool frames in component including those from robot controllers and tool containers. Sorry, no filtering, and the Tool Properties panel might be confusing because it will not indicate how many tool frames are selected. If I have some free time I can make the .NET version. Be aware, I did not test if the add-on selects imported tool frames.

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That’s great! Thank you. I will test it today.

Thanks Zesty, it works well. Would be even better if you could select some but not all, either by using the rectangular select window or just specifying which tool numbers in the python. But now I’m being picky!

In Python, vcCommand does not support List<Ref> property type, which would have allowed you to use list and filter via GUI. I will try a workaround, otherwise it has to be done in .NET