Multi-Robot Programming

Hello all,

I’ve been looking through the Multi-Robot wiki, specifically, the Lesson Curriculum page and I am having a bit of trouble understanding Lesson 6, “Sequence of Strings.”

The lesson focuses on creating a “Start” and “Stop” sequence commands, but doesn’t give an example so I was wondering how one could define that.

Also, after sending multiple strings to another robot, how many strings can the second robot “hold” before it overwrites saved strings. This question is related to the first in that if Robot1 tells Robot2 that “This is the start” and then begins to send a list of commands such as forwardForX encoder clicks, turnLeft, turnRight, … and the “This is the end of the sequence.” How many commands will Robot2 “remember” and will it execute those commands in the order they were given and how?

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I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.

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Store all commands into a list.

Then handle command in list, one by one.

After execution, remove that command from the list.