Multi gripper simulation

Dear All,

I want to model a multigripper such as they connected in 90 degree angle together. I want to know how i can do it in Visual Component and how i can have seperately signals for them while they are attached to the same robot and same flange.



Hey Morteza,

I assume that you have checked already the Gripper tutorials in VC Academy, but in case you have not, there you can find them:


The part 1 focuses more in the modeling and the part 2 shows the modifications to the robot to work correctly from the Tool.

After you have modeled the gripper as a single component, the easiest way to grasp things is to position Tool1 in one side and Tool2 in the other side of the gripper. Then you will use Signal Out1 and Out2 of the robot to grasp and release things.

Hope this info helps!