Moving the product key to a new license server - steps?

We have a License server v 2.1.0 that hosts an active product key for Delfoi Premium 4.5 software. (30 seats)
The server has been offline until today, so licenses have been activated manually. (It has been in use for almost a year.)
But today the server got access to, so it is now online.

We have got a new network, so we need to move the license service over to a new server. Therefore, I have set up a new server, and installed License server v 2.1.2. It is also online and can reach https://license.vis

I have been trying to figure out how to move product key from the existing server to the new server. This is what I have come up with.

First, I have to make sure that no licenses are borrowed out or in use. Then, on the old server.

  1. Deactivate the product key
  2. Remove the product key
  3. Move the product key over to the new server.
  4. Add the product key to the license server v2.1.2, by selecting Open license file.
  5. Activate the product key on new server

Am I understanding this correctly?

Another question:
I can’t find anywhere in the User Guide how to configure maximum borrow time. How do I do that?
(We have other network license servers that grant licenses to programs where you can change the borrow period from 1 day to 30 days.

In the User Guide (LicSrvv2.1.2) it says under the section “Adjust Renewal Period” “The default renewal period for a license server is 14 days.”

It is stated elsewhere in the User Guide, Columns, “Renewal. The date of the next activation renewal date of a key, which happens every 90 days by default.”

So then I understand it to mean that both the license server and the product key must be regularly renewed.


Got the licenses moved by following the steps above. I had understood it correctly. It was simple.