Moving the part of Human

Hello! I want to model a robot for human rehabilitation. I want to move just the foot of the human, but when I grasp the foot part, the robot moves the entire human. I have no clue how to move just the part of human, could you please help?


basically robots are built to grab components not links of components!

But thats not your only problem… → If the robot could grab the foot of the human you would expect that the complete chain (foot, lower leg, thigh) will respecting the degrees of freedom while moving!? → So the human would has to be built as some kind of robot including the forward and backward kinematics, so that your desired linkchain will move as slave of the robot…

Could be a bit difficult, or what would the pros think?



I can only think of really hacky things to do, and I’m not even sure if they are possible. We “could” in theory have a joint export on the human, and when the robot “grabs” the foot, we would actually export human joints for the robot. This way we could make it move as we would like but it still need some manual work. Maybe someone else has a more realistic idea?


Maybe animate the human movements as servo moves or something and make the robot follow those using a moving base.