Moving components

In KUKA Sim version 3.1.2, I could only move components at a large scale (Ex: 100,150,200…). I couldn’t move them at a small scale (Ex: 1,2,…or 0.1,0.2,…). So how can i move components based on my own desires. Many thanks to everyone.

Just write the coordinate that you need.


I can’t. I wrote like you but nothing happened. Ex: I wrote x=101.3, It’ll change x=100.
Are you using KUKA Sim ver >4.0?

Disable the ‘Always Snap’.


It worked. Thank you so much. By the way, do you know how to program by KRL code. With ver >4.0 I could program by KRL code but with ver 3.1.2 i don’t know how to do and I could only program by teaching points step by step. If i did like that, it would take a long time to carry out.

Instead of directly trying to program with KRL, you could try to use one of the plugins to post process the robot statements into KRL.
Check this one:

Post Process button doesn’t appear, any suggestions why? Maybe, it doesn’t support version 3.1.2.

Try open Export, at least in mine program post processor is located in there.

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Do note that VC post-processor add-on does not work with Kuka.Sim. Kuka.Sim 3.1 motion statements are custom made and PP does not support them. Kuka.Sim’s inbuilt post-processor should work though. But still you can’t write KRL directly in program editor.

In Kuka.Sim 4.0 programming is done with completely different executor and program syntax so you can write program in KRL. So no post-processor is needed with Kuka.Sim 4.0.


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Yeah, i saw but I don’t know how to program with KRL when i added this function. I chose like you but i can’t do anything more apart from this window popped up.

Thank you keke, In conclusion, what you mean KUKA Sim ver 3.1.2 can’t program with KRL directly, right?

That’s correct, you cannot program KRL in Kuka.Sim 3.1. This is possible only in Kuka.Sim 4.0.


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