Mounting tools

Hello everyone! I’m a beginner in Visual Components 4.0.

I have a gripper made in Solidworks, need to pick a box with it and then change the gripper (the second one is in VC library) and also pick a box with it.
Everything works, but I can’t dismount the 1st gripper.

However, I’m able to mount and dismount the second gripper(even while the 1st gripper is still on the robot) and pick boxes with it! I’ve written the same commands for dismounting(output signals have different numbers are diffeent though) and base and tool I use to dismount them is also the same and located on the robot.

I’ve watched the lesson about mounting and dismounting tools, but still no idea what’s going on. Could anyone help?


Attach the layout or contact support. If the first gripper won’t dismount then I would first look at the robot program to see if the right Set Output signal and action are defined and working as intended.

Ok, I’ve decided the problem. Thanks.