Mount and Dismount Tools Lesson

Hi everybody on this forum, I’m beginner in Kuka Sim Layout/Sim Pro 3.0.5.

I’m sitting on the lesson “Mount and Dismount Tools” and I am trying to define Signals Actions which are needed to mount/dismount tool. In Lesson Video there is a window “Controller Properties” which I don’t have. If I click on robot then I become “Component Properties”, I am not sure if it is the same because there are more parameters as in lesson.

In “SignalActions Tab” i have tried to set out 33 as mount/dismount signal, I have interface “Tool”, using Tool[1], so it is like in video, but I don’t know why it does not save that parameters… Everytime I click on robot and I go to “Signal Actions” - everything is set as “0”…

Am I doing something wrong?




The tutorial was made with version 4.0.0, so in that version clicking the robot with the Jog command enabled would select the controller of the robot. Nowadays, clicking the robot selects it as a component, hence the Component Properties panel.

Every time you click the robot the Component Properties panel would refresh/update to reflect current selection. That means the Signal Actions would collapse and the list would go to its default value. This won’t undo any changes you made to the signal actions.

Are you able to dismount the tool?