I can’t control the time for a movement with MotionTime.

Can anybody help? Small example attached.

Starnge to get this message in a VC Forum :slight_smile:
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Here is my script from the layout:

from vcScript import *
from vcHelpers.Robot2 import *
import vcMatrix

def OnRun():

robo = getRobot(‘OnetoOneInterface’)
app = getApplication()
inconv = app.findComponent(‘118Roller’)
outconv = app.findComponent(‘118Roller #2’)

while True:
robo.MotionTime = 10
robo.jointMoveToComponent(inconv, Tz =1575)
robo.MotionTime = 2
robo.jointMoveToComponent(outconv, Tz =1575)

Hi Hans,

at the moment the MotionTime definition in the new vcHelpers.Robot2 only works for the driveJoints()-method. I think it is related to the missing property CylceTime of LIN- and PTP-statements. So if you want to define the motion time in the jointMoveToComponent()-method, the vcHelpers.Robot2 module requires some extensions.


Hey HansKloeverpris,

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In C:\Program Files\Visual Components\Visual Components Premium 4.0\Python\Commands\vcHelpers\

In jointMoveToComponent method, then it calls doRSL method.

In doRSL method, it create RSL statement.


Check driveJoints method, I think this is the only method that set controller setMotionTime.


Oh, I just found out that RSL statement does not have cycle time property. This is new to me.


EDIT: Oh, did not see Ralle’s reply! XD