Motion statements "Single Axis Linear Actuators"

Hi all,

it seems that the motion statements from models from the category “Single Axis Linear Actuators” are disabled lately.
A few weeks ago it worked, but now it seems disabled.

Does anyone know how to get it working again?

Strange thing is that the prevoiuos made statements are still editable in the program editor.

If I recall, this was a regression bug in VC which was then fixed in a hotfix release. So ensure that you have the latest version installed.

Thanks for yor reply. I forgot to mentoin that I work in version 4.5


Mayby you know a solution for this version?

Thanks in advance

If it allows you to edit existing statements, you could try to place a robot component into the layout, add statements to the robot and copy them to the linear actuator, then edit them further there.

I think that problem is now fixed if you update to 4.6 version.

I did the update. It works again. Thanks for helping out.