Modifying Geometry PositionTable

Hello. I try to do parametric plate that has hole in the middle of it, but there can’t be no lines visible on the surface (can’t use just boxes). I want to be able to change the length and width of the plate and the hole. I managed to do this, but after I have modified the geometry, saved and then try to open it again, the geometry is back at its original shape. Why does this happen?

I did the modification by modifying the PositionTable of the geometry TriangleSet. I rebuild the feature, component and application at the end of the script.

Try saving the component separately from the layout and then just adding the component to layout from eCat.

Does not work, the geometry does not stay changed even if I save just the component.

I made workaround for this though. Everytime I change the geometry I make new geometry and remove the old one. This way the geometry stays correct even after saving.


maybe this helps?