Modified component update in layout

I have modified a VC component. How can I update this component in my layout without losing existing attachments to this component?

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Save the layout.

If you meant that you changed a component while the layout was not open, make sure the VCID of your component did not change when you saved it, and then reload your layout. One issue, however, is if you are including components/packaging them with your layout. In that case, the layout loads the packaged components instead of pulling them from source in eCatalog, thereby the modified component is not loaded.

If you might find yourself in this situation many times, consider making add-on that exchanges the old component with the new version and remaps the attached nodes to new component.

Thanks Zesty, you are correct, I changed the component while the layout was not open, I did not change the VCID.
I am using KukaSim Pro 3.1.2, but I assume the component behaviour is the same.
In Layout Info:
Include components - Not Ticked
Include component original path - Ticked
My component shows under My Models in the eCatalogue.
But when I reload the layout the component shows the unchanged version.

Have I got a wrong setting?
How do I find the Add-on that you recommend?


I am not aware of public add-ons (ones on this forum) that are available to switch out the components. You have to make the add-on, e.g. one similar to how Exchange Robot command works or simple reload of components from source. I had similar issue you had in the past, and I do not remember if this was a bug in VC 4.2, which is what KSP 3.1.2 is based on.

I would have to study your layout file structure to see why it is not loading the component. I don’t remember if you save layout with include components option turned on one time that in turn it keeps loading the packaged component. You could try and test this by saving your layout to new file and reloading it.

Hi, I meet the same problem, have you resolved this? :smile:

Hi, I find that if I add some elements to the component, I have to manually replace the component in the layout…

I had the same, even with the “include components” always unchecked.
Probably something not correct in VC version 4.2.2