Modfiy Place Frame

how I be able to modify the placeframe in a Machine. I thought the ProductLocation in the machine is the frame which is use for? In my Layout there will be always create a new “Place_1”.
What is wrong?



You can change the location of the frame using the modeling tab:

You can select which frame is used as the product location in the TransportIn statement:

Hi, thank you that helps…
but I still have another problems:

  1. The product is placed not at the right position. Which frame is used at the product?

  2. The whole product is moving with the clamping cylinder. But the frame “productLocation” don’t moving.
    move_product.7z (2.0 MB)

Thanks for your support


without opening your layout…

  1. the product is placed in its origin on product location.
  2. if your product moves with the joint, then the container is in the behavior of the joint.


Sorry…here is the layout… (15.2 MB)